Prelim Reading Lists

To both preserve and share the ideas and perspectives that have shaped CHE's approach to past and present environmental change, we've asked the members of the CHE community to share reading lists from their prelim examinations. Taken together, these lists demonstrate the disciplinary and methodoligical diversity that makes CHE what it is.

The lists are grouped first by home department (History, Geography, etc.), student name, and then by the name of the field. On the indivdual PDF, you'll find more information about the field.

If you have questions about these lists, or would like to see your own listed here, please contact us.


Brian Hamilton

U.S. Environmental History (Fall 2012)
American Capitalism in the Long 19th Century (Fall 2012)
History of the American South (Fall 2012)

Rachel Gross

U.S. Environmental History (Summer 2012)
U.S. Cultural History (Summer 2012)

Sarah Camacho

Intellectual and Cultural History (January 2010)
Urban and Environmental History (January 2010)

Andrew Case

American Environmental History (Spring 2008)

Todd Dresser

Science, Nature, and Religion (Spring 2006)
Religious History (Fall 2006)
Environmental and Agricultural History

Ari Eisenberg

Environmental History and Urban History (June 2008)
History of Gender and Sexuality (June 2008)

Jesse Gant

U.S. West / African-American / Long 19th Century / Landscapes of Memory (2011)

Jen Martin

Environmental History Through Service Learning (November 2005)

Nic Mink

Food and Nature (Spring 2008)

Libby Tronnes

U.S. West / Native American History (Spring 2008)


Adam Mandelman

Cultural and Historical Geography (December 2009)
Memory and Place (May 2010)
Political Ecology and Science and Technology Studies (May 2010)

Abby Neely

Environmental Health (Fall 2007)
Global Environmental History (Fall 2007)
Political Ecology (Fall 2007)

Travis Tennessen

Environmental History
Political Ecology
Native American Impacts on America's Physical Geography
History of Alaska
Human-Wildlife Relations

Environmental Studies

Peter Boger

Ecocriticism and Animals (Fall 2009)
American Environmental History (Fall 2009)
Animal Studies (Fall 2009)

Suzanne Gaulocher

Environmental Health and Place (June 2010)

History of Science

Mitch Aso

Racial Theories of Human Difference and the Sciences (Spring 2007)
Science and Imperialism (Winter 2006)

Meridith Beck Sayre

Environmental History (Spring 2010)

Bridget Collins

Ecology and American Environmental History (January 2008)
Women and Health in the United States (January 2008)
History of Public Health in America (January 2008)

Megan Raby

History of Biology (Fall 2008)
History of American Science (Fall 2008)
Environmental History (Fall 2008)

Andrew Stuhl

North American Environmental History (Canada Arctic and Native American) (Summer 2010)
Science and Empire (Summer 2010)
Science in North America (Summer 2010)

Amrys Williams

Science in America (Fall 2008)
History of Technology (Fall 2008)
Environmental History and Agricultural History

Anna Zeide

Environmental History (May 2009)

Community and Environmental Sociology

John Zinda

Environmental Sociology (January 2009)


Todd Goddard

Colonization Quest for Empire and Ideas of Nature (January 2009)

Andrew Mahlstedt

Ecocriticism and Environmentalism of the Poor (August 2008)
Recommended Readings on Mountains

Michelle Niemann

A New Organicism?: 19th and 20th Century Poetry and Prose and Theoretical and Critical Approaches (August 2009)

Steel Wagstaff

Environmental Criticism History and Theory (August 2010)

Louis Pao-lin Wu

Race, American Literature, and Multicultural Environmental Criticism (January 2011)


Sarah Besky

Culture and Agriculture; Nature and Capitalism; Anthropology and Empire (2008)

Chelsea Chapman

Ethnography, Development, and Northern Athabascan Nations; Territory Exception and the Ontological Problem with Sovereignty; Energy and Environmental Anthropology (Spring 2010)

Alex Nading

Ecological Anthropology; Medical Anthropology (August 2007)

Noah Theriault

Political Ecology and Anthropologies of the State; Indigeneity and/in Anthropology (August 2010)

Bo Wang

Religion and Dirt (2013)
Tibet and Southwest China: State and Environment (2013)
Anthropology of Waste, Value, and Tibet (2013)

Art History/Landscape Architecture

Sarah Fayen Scarlett

Objects: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Material Culture (May 2011)
Architecture: History of American Housing 1607-1945 (May 2011)
Landscapes and Sense of Place (May 2011)

Forestry and Wildlife Ecology

Mike Dockry

Community Forestry / Forestry (Spring 2009)
People and Environment Geography in Latin America / American Indian History (Spring 2009)

Curriculum and Instruction

Steve Laubach

History of Ecology in Research and Education (Fall 2009)