Welcome to CHE Energy, a site that explores issues of energy and the environment from a broad range of disciplinary perspectives. On these pages, you'll find resources that will introduce you to the history of energy production, distribution, and consumption.

Many of these pages were produced by an innovative graduate seminar in Spring 2010 that explored ways of studying the cultural context of environmental issues using different disciplinary methods. This course, the CHE Methods Seminar, produced the content you'll find under energy sources, a page that offers a primer on eight major types of energy resources.

students walking downstairs at a power plant

An often overlooked element in discussions of energy is how energy gets moved (or not) from place to place. On a page called the grid, you'll find an introduction to the distribution of energy in both the past and the present.

Another set of pages, energy perspectives, asks a series of eclectic questions to offer insight into the complex history and culture of energy in modern times.

The eclectic perspectives on energy are complimented by a page we call "Seeing Energy" - which was produced by participants in CHE's 2010 Place-Based Workshop, Energy in the Upper Midwest. This workshop visited a number of key sites of energy production and consumption over the course of five days, and participants were asked to create a set of "tips" for how we can better uncover and understand energy in the landscape.