Steering Committee

CHE's Steering Committee consists of five faculty members drawn from the Center's membership. In addition, two graduate students elected annually from the graduate associate membership serve as non-voting members of the committee. Committee members are elected annually, but generally serve three consecutive one-year terms.

The Steering Committee evaluates matters pertaining to the graduate certificate, new course proposals and course changes. It also reviews associates' appeals for variances from Center rules and makes appropriate recommendations to the Center in steering session. In consultation with the Director, the steering committee also reviews the Center's finances and seeks counsel from CHE's associates, as needed, on decisions that affect major issues of Center policy and governance.

The Graduate Associate Organization

CHE's graduate students are the lifeblood of the CHE community, and to that end, the center's graduate associates are brought together by the Graduate Associate Organization. The Graduate Associate Organization affirms a shared mission of understanding how knowledge, beliefs, political economy, and culture have shaped, and been shaped by, the environment by fostering the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and research among graduate students active within CHE. In addition, the organization engages in education, outreach, and community research projects to address how nature, in all its myriad forms, is inextricably bound to every aspect of human culture, history, economy, politics, environmental policy, health, and justice. All CHE graduate associates are members with voting rights in the Graduate Associate Organization.

CHE's grad community is led by an Organizing Committee that consists of two graduate representatives to the Executive Committee as well as a secretary and treasurer. The organizing committee enacts policy, develops programs, and authorizes expenditures to further our shared mission. It also aims to catalyze the activity of CHE grad associates when developing events and programming and seeks to increase leadership opportunities for grad associates.

Bylaws and Governance Documents

  • Governance Bylaws (PDF)
  • Graduate Associate Organization Bylaws (PDF)
  • CHE Mission Statement (PDF)