Photo of Rob Beattie

Rob Beattie
Community Environmental Scholars Program, Environmental Conservation Professional Masters Program
(608) 262-5692
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Photo of Ankur Desai

Ankur Desai
Associate Professor, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
1549 Atmospheric Oceanic and Space Sciences, 1225 W Dayton St
(608) 520-0305
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Photo of Tony Goldberg

Tony Goldberg
Professor, Veterinary Medicine & Population Health Sciences
137 Animal Health and Biomed Sciences Building, 1656 Linden Dr
(608) 890-2618
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Photo of Corbett Grainger

Corbett Grainger
Assistant Professor, Department of Agriculture & Applied Economics
411 Henry Taylor Hall, 427 Lorch St
(608) 262-3651
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Photo of Molly Jahn

Molly Jahn
Professor, Departments of Agronomy and Genetics and Special Advisor to the Chancellor and Provost for Sustainability Sciences
B01-201 Forest Products Laboratory, 1 Gifford Pinchot Dr
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Photo of Erika Marin-Spiotta

Erika Marin-Spiotta
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Geography
233 Science Hall, 550 N Park St
(608) 262-1855
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Photo of Paul Meier

Paul Meier
Director, UW Energy Institute Associate Scientist Engineering Physics
2127 Wisconsin Energy Institute, 1552 University Ave
(608) 262-4515
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Photo of Brad Pierce

Brad Pierce
Physical Scientist, Advanced Satellite Products Branch NOAA/NESDIS Center for SaTellite Applications and Research, Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies
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Photo of Jamie Schauer

Jamie Schauer
Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
115 Water Sciences and Engineering Lab, 660 N Park St
(608) 262-4495
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Photo of Adrian Treves

Adrian Treves
Professor, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies
30A Science Hall
(608) 890-1450
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