Gridded OMI NO2

This dataset contains daily gridded DOMINO NO2 data, zipped into monthly files. These data were generated from Level-2 satellite data (on swaths) and gridded to a 12 km x 12 km horizontal resolution over the Continental U.S. using the Wisconsin Horizontal Interpolation Program for Satellites (WHIPS) for ease of comparison with photochemical grid model output. (If your model data are on a different grid, you can use WHIPS to regrid Level-2 data to your custom grid.) Within each set of monthly files, there is a README file for information on how the data were processed, as well as a WHIPS runscript.

Gridded OMI HCHO will be available soon, as well as scaled surface NO2 and HCHO.

These data may be sampled and/or averaged over time using a Matlab script. Download instructions for running the script, the script itself, and an example (optional) input file for extracting data from user-defined latitude and longitude points.

Email Monica Harkey with any questions about this dataset, and Alana Weir with any questions regarding the script or instructions.

When publishing results using these data, please include a citation for their processing:
Harkey, M., T. Holloway, J. Oberman, and E. Scotty (2015), An evaluation of CMAQ NO2 using obseved chemistry-meteorology correlations, J. Geophys. Res. Atmos., 120, doi:10.1002/2014JD023316.

map of WHIPS average NO2 July 2011

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