NOVEMBER 4, 2013
Student films screened at Nelson Institute’s ‘Tales from Planet Earth’
A collaborative class on environmental filmmaking is helping some UW-Madison students learn to tell stories in a whole new way.

NOVEMBER 4, 2013
New website takes 60-year, county-by-county look at who moves where
You can tell a lot about what a community has to offer by the types of people that are moving in and the types that choose to leave.

OCTOBER 31, 2013
Help tell the tale of Tales from Planet Earth for a chance to win
Smile for the camera for a special chance to win. We’re sharing 10 copies of best-selling author Ruth Ozeki's latest novel "A Tale for the Time Being” and 10 DVDs from a collection of favorite films shown at past Tales festivals.

OCTOBER 25, 2013
Photo exhibit to show 100 years of change in China
A unique collection of photographs documenting a century of landscape transformation in China will be on exhibit throughout November at UW-Madison. The exhibit, "Evolving Landscapes: 100 Years of Change in Western China," will be the first-ever public presentation of the images.

OCTOBER 24, 2013
Study challenges prevailing view of invasive species
Zebra mussels. Asian carp. Kudzu. Chances are you recognize these names as belonging to invasive species — plants or animals that are relocated from their native habitat to a foreign land, only to prove so prolific that they take over their new home. Except that's not how the story usually goes, according to a new study.

OCTOBER 16, 2013
Film festival explores environmental futures amid rapid global change
Profound questions about possible futures — precipitated by a changing climate, shifting energy resources, and the movement and displacement of people across the globe — will be explored during the Tales from Planet Earth film festival in Madison Nov. 1-3.

OCTOBER 3, 2013
Changing world, changing curriculum
When you’re a student in the Nelson Institute, your coursework transcends disciplinary boundaries. No single specialty can solve environmental challenges – innovation emerges by combining the sciences, business, history, international studies, art, resource management and more.

OCTOBER 1, 2013
Sea Grant podcast series spotlights, produced by Nelson researchers
An iPhone application developed by Nelson Institute researchers is featured in a new podcast series produced by the University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute, "Sea Grant and Lake Michigan, Waters in Transition.”

OCTOBER 1, 2013
White honored by Michigan Sociological Association
Monica White, UW-Madison assistant professor of environmental justice, has been selected as the recipient of the 2013 Michigan Sociological Association Marvin Olsen Award for distinguished service to the cause of sociology in Michigan.

OCTOBER 1, 2013
Geographic and intellectual journeys lead Sarah Wilkins to Knauss Fellowship
Sarah Wilkins, the 2014 Dean A. Knauss Fellow from Wisconsin, has been shaped by far-ranging geographic and challenging intellectual journeys.

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