AUGUST 30, 2013
Janet Silbernagel: Intersecting science, nature and design
As a self-described designer at heart, Janet Silbernagel works at the intersection of art and science. It's from this perspective in her landscape conservation lab that she and a team of graduate students bring unique solutions to modern challenges.

AUGUST 22, 2013
Survey examines opinions about Wisconsin's first managed wolf hunt
Many Wisconsin residents supported the state's decision to initiate the first managed wolf hunt in state history from October through December 2012, but support varied significantly between people who lived inside wolf range and those who did not, a new UW-Madison study indicates.

AUGUST 14, 2013
Children exposed to lead three times more likely to be suspended from school
Children who are exposed to lead are nearly three times more likely to be suspended from school by the 4th grade than children who are not exposed, according to a new University of Wisconsin-Madison study funded jointly by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Wisconsin Partnership Program Education and Research Committee.