Environmental Studies: The Humanistic Perspective

Envir St 113

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Mon - Thur
9:00 - 11:30 AM
3 credits

4-week session • June 19 - July 13

Fulfills Environmental Studies
Environmental Humanities Foundation
UW Designations
Elementary Humanities


Shari Wilcox
Shari Wilcox
Lecturer; Associate Director, Center for Culture, History, and Environment
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Environmental Studies 113 explores the interconnection between humans and the environment, focusing on cultural representations of people, nature, and non-humans (including animals and plants). This survey course is designed to introduce students to theoretical frameworks and methodologies from the humanities (philosophy, literature, arts, cultural studies, media studies, sociology, and history) in order to think critically about how these discourses play meaningful roles in the ways in which nature-society relations are constructed and enacted. The course will use readings, works of art, and films to develop students' abilities to analyze environmental issues from a humanistic perspective.


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