Preserving Nature (Online Course • June 15-Aug 9)

Envir St 413

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online course

3 credits

8-week session • June 15-Aug 9

Fulfills Environmental Studies
Ecological Science Foundation
UW Designations
Biological or Social Science Intermediate

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Adrian Treves
Adrian Treves
Professor of Environmental Studies; Director of Carnivore Coexistence Lab
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The goals of this course are to understand the theory and practice the skills of effective, scientific, ethical, and legitimate preservation of nature (biodiversity, the atmosphere, water, etc.). Successful students will learn from global lessons in how to intervene against threats to nature, and the roles of ethics, law, and research in preserving nature. Students will gain mastery of terminology and usage so as to communicate professionally about nature preservation.

Expected Learning outcomes 

  • Demonstrate understanding of the environmental provisions in national constitutions and U.S. co-sovereign federal-state-tribal governance as these relate to environmental protection.
  • Display mastery of the fundamentals of biodiversity and the atmosphere, and what human activities threaten extinction, climate change, and water quality.
  • Summarize the ethical and legal roles – of the public, civil society activist organizations, legislatures, executive branches, the judiciary, and public scholars – in preserving and impairing nature.
  • Communicate professionally about effective conservation practice and scientific integrity.


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click to learn more about this course
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