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Communication and Advocacy in Agricultural Sciences Workshop

At a Glance

Wednesday, June 20
1:30 PM
Speaker: Eric Hamilton, Margaret Krome, Scott Laeser, etc.

Union South



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Greta Landis

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Join us on Wednesday, June 20th from 1:30-5pm at Union South for a workshop on communication and advocacy in the agricultural sciences! We'll cover tips for successful communication around agricultural issues, strategies for community organizing, and ways to keep up with current legislative decisions and new policies.

Guest speakers include:

Eric Hamilton, Science Writer with UW Communications
Margaret Krome, Policy Program Director at the Michael Fields Agricultural Institute
Scott Laeser, Water Program Director at Clean Wisconsin and Co-owner of Plowshares and Prairie Farm
George Reistad, Food Policy Coordinator with the City of Madison
Kelly Tyrell, Science Writer with UW Communications

This event is free and open to the public, funded by the Union of Concerned Scientists and in partnership with the UW-Madison Plant Sciences Graduate Students Council.
Pre-registration is required. Please register at