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Brown Bag Lecture: Artworks for Honeybees

At a Glance

Friday, November 17
12:00 PM
Speaker: Heather Swan, Author, Where Honeybees Thrive; Lecturer, Nelson Institute Center for Culture, History, and Environment

15 Science Hall



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Emily Reynolds

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Artworks for Honeybees:
Raising Consciousness with Taxidermy, Interspecies Collaboration, Microscopic Photography, and Glassmaking

Honeybees (and many other pollinators) are currently facing serious decline due to habitat loss, ubiquitous pesticide use, industrial agriculture, and disease. While mass media startles the public with headlines and statistics, this information can leave a person feeling disconnected from the complex affective reality of their loss and from the honeybee herself. Art has the potential to communicate the dire consequences of continuing our current behaviors while inviting us to engage the issue differently. Heather's talk will introduce viewers to the work of Rose-Lynn Fisher, Sibylle Peretti, Aganetha Dyck, and Sarah Hatton and explore how these artists use a wide range of techniques to engage our sense of wonder, the sublime, humility, and tenderness as we think about what losing the honeybee means.These particular artists are extraordinary in that they not only use their own strengths in photography, visual representation, glassmaking, and taxidermy but they additionally employ mathematics, technology, and science in their work as they advocate for honeybee health.

The book launch and reading by Heather for 'Where Honeybees Thrive: Stories from the Field' will be held the evening of Friday, November 17 at A Room of One's Own Bookstore in Madison, Wis.

Heather Swan is a lecturer at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she teaches environmental literature and writing. She is also a beekeeper.